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Love this!

Couple of feature suggestions:

1) It'd be cool if Beeper had a feature that allowed us to read e.g. Whatsapp messages via Beeper without marking them as read in Whatsapp. Could be a premium feature.

2) It'd be great to have a 'open native messaging application' button within Beeper.

i.e. If I'm using Beeper to have a Whatsapp chat with someone, it'd be cool to have a button in the top right hand corner of the chat window that automatically redirects me to Whatsapp's native app.

This would reduce the pain point of switching to the native messaging app whenever we're trying to do something that Beeper doesn't support. e.g. Initiating a phone call.

Currently on iPhone it takes at least 4 steps to move from Beeper to calling someone in Whatsapp.

1) From Beeper go to iPhone home screen

2) Open Whatsapp

3) Search/select the correct chat in Whatsapp

4) Press call button

This may sound trivial but it isn't. Once you've done this for the hundredth time it becomes annoying, and you begin using Whatsapp instead of Beeper as it's more convenient.

Great if it could actually open Whatsapp on the same chat I was in within Beeper, and absolutely amazing if it could trigger initiating the Whatsapp call. However, even if the button within Beeper only took me to Whatsapp's default home screen, that'd still save me at least two of the steps listed above.

Potential Implementation Challenges:

- Ideally you'd want to detect whether User has the native messenger app installed on the device they're currently using. If they don't, automatically disable/hide the 'redirect to native app action' button. If this isn't possible you could let User enable/disable the button for every messenger app, and make this setting device specific.

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Can't wait to see the google messages with RCS support.

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Very impressive, and keep up the brilliant work!

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Would 100% recommend to friends, unfortunetly even with all the effort to help Matrix (thank you so much!) clients are still nonfree software :/.

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Are you planning custom folders? :)

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