Beeper Update #3

Status update + Desktop and Android app walkthroughs!

To catch you up: Beeper is a new app that lets you chat on iMessage, WhatsApp, and 13 other networks all in a single app.

We appreciate everyone's patience throughout the last few months! As a special thank you to the group of people that prepaid upfront for a year-long Beeper subscription, we are extending that subscription with free second year on us. And of course, your subscription will not actually begin ticking until you get access to Beeper. Questions? Feel free to email us.

Good news! We’re beginning to invite more people who have prepaid for Beeper to start using Beeper.

We had a brief slowdown earlier this month while we transitioned to new server infrastructure which enables us to scale up much easier. Onboardings were paused during this period, but we just restarted them and are continuing to work through the list of people who prepaid now.

There are still a few rough edges on the software, mainly centered around the getting-started process. We’ve spent most of our time working on the main app itself, since that’s what you spend most of your time using! I’ve covered up for the problems during onboarding by helping users one-by-one begin using Beeper over a Zoom call. That’s been great - as we always say you should talk to your users and do things that don’t scale! It’s given me a chance to spot any issues that come up and fix them immediately.

But it’s also held us back from opening the floodgates to the entire list of people with prepaid yearly subscriptions. We are now shifting our focus to improving the getting-started flow, and expect to complete that work in a few weeks. With the new server infrastructure and an improved getting-started experience in place, we expect to begin moving through the list much faster.

Here is our order of operations for invites:

  1. People who prepaid for one year (now 2!)

  2. People who reserved a username by entering their credit card information

  3. People who signed up on but did not reserve a username

  4. Open registration!

Check the Update video below for more info and a walkthrough of the Beeper Desktop and Android apps!


Eric + Team Beeper