Beeper Update #2

Reserve your Beeper @username and move up the waitlist!

To catch you up: Beeper is a new app that let's you chat on iMessage, WhatsApp, and 13 other networks all from a single client.

I've been working on Beeper (née NovaChat) as a side project for about 2 years now. My primary partner is Tulir, a prolific Matrix contributor and fantastic software developer. You can read more about my motivation for working on this problem in my post from last year The Universal Communication Bus. Progress has been slow but steady and I've been happily using the app as my primary messaging client for over 1.5 years now. 

We launched Beeper on Hacker News at the end of January. I figured it was time to show off what we've been building! My expectations were modest  -  Beeper is a paid app ($10/month) and I wasn't sure how many people would be comfortable paying for a chat app. Well, we got our answer very quickly. Tens of thousands of people have signed up for Beeper. Thank you! 🙏 We're shifting gears and getting the app ready to work for all of you! What started out as a side project has evolved very quickly.

If you're reading this, you've most likely signed up for Beeper and are patiently waiting to get the app. Today, we'd like to invite you to reserve your @username on Beeper and (only if you'd like to) jump to the front of the line by prepaying for a Beeper subscription. Check your email for a message from Every week, we will be inviting more people to start using Beeper, working our way through the waitlist. If you haven’t signed up for Beeper yet, head over to right now!